Bras, Corsets, And More: FAQs About Boudoir Photography Clothing

26 May 2022
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What should you wear for your boudoir photography session? This sexy shoot is more than just a gift for your partner. It's a way to assert yourself and show off your self-confidence. Whether you want to go the traditional lace and lingerie route or try something different, take a look at what you need to know about dressing, undressing, and accenting your boudoir photos.

Who Chooses Your Clothing for the Photo Session?

You're in charge of the look you want for your luxury boudoir photography shoot. The photos may reflect any discomfort or doubt you have about how you look or what you're wearing. This means you need to choose a boudoir outfit that makes you feel powerful, beautiful, and sensual. If you're not sure what to wear, talk to the photographer. Your boudoir photographer has the experience and knowledge necessary to choose outfits, guide you, or help you to better understand what you will feel comfortable wearing. 

Can You Wear Lingerie?

Yes, you can choose a lingerie set, negligee, or teddy for your shoot. These lacey or silky options are traditional boudoir favorites. While you can wear your favorite bra and panty set or a nicer-than-normal nightie, consider stepping up the drama factor to add a sense of luxury to your photo session. Lace-up corsets, garters, sequin-covered bras, or sporty (but sexy) boy shorts are standout options to explore.

Do You Have to Wear Lingerie?

No, you don't have to wear a lingerie set or negligee. If you don't feel comfortable in your bra and panties or just want to try another look, you can go in a less traditional direction. Get creative with your outfit choice and consider a sexy oversized men's button-down shirt, your guy's favorite sports jersey, or a sleek men's suit coat—with nothing (or very little) on under it. 

Other non-lingerie boudoir outfit options include a body-hugging dress, slim-fit jeans (without a top), loose-fitting boyfriend jeans (without a top), overalls (also, without a shirt), or a racy leather biker jacket over a bodysuit.

How Should You Accent Your Outfit?

Some women prefer a simple, classic style that highlights their body and the outfit they choose. If you would rather stick with the basics, you don't have to accent your ensemble. But if you want to up the glam factor or create a sense of luxury with jewelry, footwear, and more, you can strategically add accents to your look. A dangling necklace can highlight the bust area, long drop earrings can draw focus to the neck, and thigh-high stiletto boots can show off your legs.