Choosing A Photographer To Create Headshots For Your Portfolio

21 June 2022
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People use headshot photography for various reasons, but one of the most common is creative headshots for actors, models, or social media influencers. Creative headshot photography can have many different styles, so taking some time to check out the work of a few different photographers is an excellent place to start. 

Check Portfolios

When looking for headshot photography, finding a few local photographers offering headshot sessions and then reviewing their portfolio on their website or at the studio is essential. The goal is to find a photographer offering the headshot style that appeals the most to you, or you may not be happy with the result.

Some photographers may offer headshots in different styles, but often, they develop a style they like, and it becomes something they are well-known for in the area. By reviewing their past work, you can quickly get a feel for the type of headshot photography each one produces and then book your session with the one that most suits your needs. If you are looking for dark and moody images, look for someone that shows that feature in their portfolio, not someone with a lot of light and airy photos or environmental headshots. 

When you find a photographer you want to work with, book your session over the phone so you can let them know what you are looking for, and they will be prepared for the session when you arrive. If you want to use several different outfits and styles for your headshots, you need to let the photographer know that so they can be prepared to change the lighting and the set to accommodate the styles you are after. 

Environmental Headshots

Headshot photography that is produced outside the studio can be appealing to some people as well. Using the world around you as the background can have advantages that studio shots may not.

A real estate broker looking for a professional headshot to use on social media, for instance, may want the shots taken in front of a house or their office with the sign in the background. A model may want to use nature as the backdrop, especially if that is typical in the type of modeling they do.

Using outside resources to produce a specific type of shot is different than studio shooting, so if you are considering headshot photography like this, look for a photographer advertising this service and then talk to them about the session and location options in advance. These kinds of headshots can often be more expensive because the photographer needs to bring equipment to a location. Still, the pricing can vary a lot for headshot photography, so ask when you are talking with the photographer, and they will tell you what a basic headshot session includes and costs.

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