3 Outdoor Boudoir Photo Options

2 August 2022
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If you love being outdoors and you're planning to book a boudoir photo session, you may wish to put these two ideas together. Many boudoir photographers will meet you wherever you wish, so it's worthwhile to think about posing outdoors instead of in the conventional setting of a studio. There are all sorts of suitable outdoor settings to consider, and provided you're able to find something that offers privacy — given that you'll likely be posing in your underwear, in a swimsuit, or partially nude — you can move forward with your shoot. Here are three outdoor boudoir photo options to consider.


A lot of people feel a sense of freedom when they're in a forested area, and it's also common to experience a feeling of freedom when you're partially undressed. This can make a forest scene an ideal spot for your boudoir photo shoot. If you have a friend who owns a forested property, you might think about asking them if you can use this space. This should ensure that you have the forest to yourself. Whether you lie on a moss-covered log, peek out from behind a tree, or use large leaves to conceal your body, you'll have lots of options to think about.


Large waterfalls are popular tourist hotspots, but it's often possible to find smaller waterfalls in certain areas that feel more private. If you know of one that is seldom crowded, you might think about meeting your photographer in this setting. Glamorous poses with the waterfall as your backdrop can work well. Depending on your ability to get close to the water, you might even think about standing under the waterfall while your photographer snaps some shots. It may be worthwhile to have a couple of friends visit the area with you and alert you when anyone gets close to the waterfall so that you can pause your posing.


If you're able to find a private beach — perhaps at a remote cottage that you can rent, or maybe on a friend's waterfront property — you might consider this setting for your boudoir photos. There are all sorts of different ways that you can pose, whether you wish to lie on the sand, kneel at the edge of the water in a seductive manner, or try something else. A boudoir photographer who has experience with beach shoots can likely suggest some additional poses for you to try. Reach out to a local photography service such as BACINI Boudoir to discuss these outdoor ideas.