360 Photobooths Can Be An Exciting Addition To Your Event Or Party

24 February 2022
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You might have been thinking of renting a photobooth for your next event or party. Photobooths can provide a great way for your guests to be interactive and have fun with each other and with your party or event. Have you considered renting a 360 photobooth instead?

You might be wondering what exactly are 360 photobooths? They are an innovative and unique way to capture the fun at your event or party. What are 360 photobooths and why you should consider renting one? Here is what you should know.

What 360 Photobooths Are And How They Work

You already know what a traditional photobooth is and a 360 photobooth works in a similar manner. Your guests at your event or party can have fun interacting with different backgrounds and props while a camera takes images of them.

The difference is, instead of a static picture of your guests, 360 photobooths capture slow-motion video for a more dynamic experience and take-home for your guests.

Guests stand on a platform in the middle of the photobooth area while a camera circles them taking slow-motion videos of them interacting with the scene they chose. The camera will create a complete 360 turn around your guests creating a unique video that when played back, will appear that the person watching was one of the photographers or attendees at the scene captured on video.

Once the video is processed, the video can be sent to your guests' cell phone via a text message or to their email address. It is possible to apply digital overlay graphics to the images to personalize the video even more.

360 photobooths, like traditional photobooths offer a wide range of backdrops and props for your guests to use. It's a unique and fun way to get your guests interacting and having fun with each other.

Great For Company Branding And Making Memories

If you want to hire a 360 photobooth for a conference you are holding, they can be great for market branding. 360 photobooths can help your clients or attendees capture the attention of potential clients faster with video than with still images.

These eye-catching 360 videos that your guests can apply their own branding to such as their company name or logo or other marketing materials can make their websites stand out from their competition.

It's also a great way to make memories for your friends and family at a birthday party or even a wedding instead of just regular photographs. 

If you're interested in 360 photobooths, contact a local company like Philly Photo & Philm.