Everlasting Moments: Food, Music, And Photography For Your Upcomming Wedding

24 July 2018
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Planning a wedding can be a really fun and exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming and nerve wracking. If you don't plan everything just right, you might think that you will have a terrible time and won't enjoy your big night. While you shouldn't be nervous, you also shouldn't just rush into the wedding without planning it out correctly. If you are planning the wedding yourself and are not using a wedding planner, then you really do have to be cognizant of what needs to be planned out ahead of time lest you show up for your wedding day and find out that you don't have the necessary things in place. Here's a few of the most important things to plan before your big day.

Choose the Right Music

The right music can really make a wedding go from a bland and boring event into one that everyone in attendance will remember. You will want to find either a live band or a DJ that has a great selection of music and the right equipment. The choice depends upon a few things. You have to consider things such as budget as well as convenience. If you do have a small space as well as a small budget, then you might want to consider using a DJ. The main thing to consider when using a wedding DJ is that you check out ahead of time their playlist and their equipment. You want to be certain that you have good music before the big day, so make sure you check out a sample of their music and discuss how they are planning on  setting up speakers and such.

Choose the Right Food

There are two big things you need to take into consideration: the main meal and the cake. The first step is to find a caterer for the main meal. You can sample what they plan on serving for dinner in a small tasting menu. This will let you get a sense for how the dinner will come out. You can choose between the different main courses and sample them ahead of the big day so that you get a sense of what your guests might experience.

It's also really important to taste test the cakes. While a cake might look beautiful, you want to make sure that you get a cake that not only looks amazing but tastes amazing. Most bakeries that cater weddings will provide sample slices of their cake. This will allow you to taste the difference between a Swiss meringue buttercream, and an Italian buttercream. Or between a white genoise cake and yellow butter cake.

Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

Finally, it is very important that you pick out the right wedding photographer. This is perhaps the mot important decisions you will make when it comes to hiring someone to make your wedding memorable. If you don't find a wedding photographer who has a keen eye then you risk having the wedding not accurately captured on film. You should ask the wedding photographer if they have a setup that will capture both action shots (guests as they are dancing, or the bride and groom walking down the aisle) as well as posed, studio shots. You should always ask for a sample portfolio to look at.