Four Reasons Why You Should Have Your Engagement Pictures Taken At An Old Time Photo Studio

26 July 2016
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Having engagement photos made is a great way for you and your future husband or wife to show off your unique style and attitude. If you are someone who finds the Wild West to be an interesting and unique time period, consider getting pictures made at a studio that specializes in creating old time photos from that period. The guide below walks you through a few reasons why visiting an old time photo studio for these types of pictures is a better choice than trying to create them on your own.

The Studio Will Have Great Scenery

When you go to the studio, there will be multiple sceneries set up. They will not only have backdrops, but specialized lighting to make the pictures look like they were taken back during the times of the Wild West. You will get to see pictures taken in front of a few different backdrops to ensure the look you want is created.

The Studio Will Have Authentic Props

When you are posing for the pictures, the photographer will have props that you can hold or have displayed in the background to make the pictures look as authentic as possible. If you have an issue with guns, even though they will more than likely be play guns, let the photographer know in advance as guns are often used as props in photographs depicting the Wild West.

The Studio Will Have Authentic Costumes

When you go to the studio, they will have a large assortment of costumes available for you and your future spouse to wear. You can choose to wear casual or more formal attire to create the look you want. The photographer may be limited in the costume sizes that he or she has, but adjustments can often be made to many costumes to ensure that they fit as well as they can for the pictures.

The Studio Will Have Authentic Styling Options

The photographer may also have assistants who work with him or her to help do makeup and hair for the pictures. The stylists will know how hair was styled and what the makeup would have looked like during that era so that your pictures can be as authentic as possible.

Be open-minded when you go to the studio on the day of your appointment. The photographer will more than likely have a few options in mind for you to try to ensure that you are able to have the perfect pictures created to capture the special time in your life in a unique way. For more information, contact companies like Four Sisters Old Time Photo.