Wedding Photography: 3 Ways To Turn Your Photos Into Fun Concepts

26 December 2015
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While there are plenty of traditional wedding photos that you'll want to get, such as a still-life of the dress, bouquet tossing and walking down the aisle, you probably also want to have some photos that are fun and reflect your personality (and your groom's). If this is the case, and your creativity just doesn't seem to be sparking, here are a few ideas to help you get the wheels in your imagination turning:

1. Kidnapping the Groom

If you're looking for a fun keepsake photo, consider kidnapping the groom. There are a couple of different ways you can go about this. You can have your mom and bridesmaid doing the dirty work for you, or you could only enlist the help of your bridal party. Whatever the case, make sure you have the trunk of the limo or a car open. You will stand off to the side with your finger pointing at what the girls should do, which is to put the groom in the trunk. Let some girls get the head and hands and the other girls get the feet and legs to throw him in the trunk. The wedding photographer can capture snapshots of the entire process.

2. Don't EVER Make Me Mad

Most grooms know that they should never anger their bride, but do the groomsmen know? If not, it's time to show them — and while you're at it, you might as well show the groom a thing or two as well. The groomsmen should be all lined up, with their jackets off. You should be in front of them in your wedding dress or reception gown. You are going to put up your hands up as if you are emitting magic toward the men. The men are going to put their hands around their necks and jump up into the air slightly, with the photographer capturing that moment when they've all jumped in the air. Just make sure everyone has a good expression on their face!

3. Got Him on a Leash

You've probably seen those wedding toppers that have the groom on his hands and knees like a dog with a leash around his neck and the bride holding onto the leash. Well, if you can talk your groom into it, this would be a hilarious photo to have later down the road. You could instead use the tie as his "leash". If your groom doesn't want to go that far, you could consider just grabbing him by the collar of his tux and making it look like you're pulling him back (also a popular wedding topper). This basic concept can be pulled into a variety of directions other than the ones listed here.

If these haven't sparked your imagination enough, that's okay. A wedding photographer like Joe Damone Photography likely has a number of ideas, both silly and serious, that you can incorporate for your photos.