Why You Should Provide A Photographer For Professional Headshots At Your Next Conference

23 March 2015
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Providing portraits for your employees is quick and easy

There are many reasons why hiring a photographer for your next conference is a smart choice for boosting employee morale and improving your meeting time.

Whether you work in a field that relies heavily on appearance (such as real estate or the film industry) or just want your employees to have portraits for your company website, providing a professional photographer at your next business conference is easy and affordable.

Most photographers either charge by the hour, by the day, or by the half day. Have your employees ready to have their photos taken and let them know what to expect. The time for each employee to have their picture taken should go relatively quick, since the lighting and location will remain the same throughout the entire photography session. Depending on the size of your company and how many people attend the conference, it may only take an hour to get everyone in and out, or each employee will have to step out for ten minutes and then return to the conference.

Have the photographer come early and set up prior to the conference. There is plenty of room in most conference rooms and places like Chez Shari to comfortably accommodate professional portrait lights, a background, and the photographer.

Why you should hire a photographer for your business' next conference

Your employees will appear to be a cohesive unit

If your employees use head shots on their business cards or on your business' website, having identical lighting and background color will help your business look more professional. This also eliminates the need for employees to provide their own photos which may be less professional looking.

More employees will attend the conference

If your employees know that a photographer is provided as part of the conference, they will be more likely to show up and dress up.  Emphasize that a group shot will also be taken that day and that you don't want anyone to be left out. If the conference is local, an added incentive would be to allow each employee to take a family portrait as well. These photos can also be used in the office, on your business' website, or as part of your business' advertising if you are promoting it as a family business or family-friendly business.

Having their portraits taken will improve employee morale

By having each employee pose for a portrait, you are effectively saying "You matter to our company. We like having you here and want to feel appreciated".

Your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness.