Potential Clients for Your Underwater Photography Business

9 August 2021
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Being an underwater photographer means you have a niche career that not many other people have ventured into. It also means you have a more unique client base and you can charge a competitive rate for your services.

Underwater photography can be a lucrative career, with the average professional in this niche earning over $55,000 a year. It all boils down to how skilled you are and who your clients are, so if you're wanting to branch out your service and make more money, consider these potential clients. You can advertise your services in these areas online or in print, do cold calls to these potential clients, or reward your current clients if they can refer you to their colleagues or friends.

Wedding couples

Couples wanting to get married in an exotic or water-based location may be interested in underwater photography for their photos. They may also be interested in these services if they aren't getting married near the water but want to have unique engagement photos thrown into the mix of their regular photos. Reach these potential clients by placing business cards in wedding magazines and reception hall facilities.

Zoos and aquariums

Your local wildlife facility may be wanting some underwater photography featuring their animals. These types of facilities often rely on community awareness to get their name out there and raise money, so hiring your underwater photography services can help them get their name out there. You can reach out to these facilities personally by speaking to their directors or event planners to arrange for a photo opportunity that can be beneficial for everyone.

Government entities

Fisheries and wildlife entities may require underwater photography as part of their studies, so if you can land a government side gig or main job, you can not only make some steady pay but help the environment and keep ecosystems intact at the same time. Every state has its own version of fish and wildlife services and there may be more than one government facility you can apply your services to.

Local universities

Being a unique niche in the photography world, your skills might be worth teaching to others at local universities or colleges. You can host a class or be paid on a per-lecture basis to share your skills and knowledge in this field, and you just may find an apprentice in the process.

Choose one or more of these opportunities to help your underwater photography business thrive.