5 Things to Have in Your Production Binder on the Day of Your Video Shoot

12 January 2021
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Are you getting ready for an upcoming shoot for a video that you are making? If so, a lot of planning needs to happen in the pre-production process to make sure that everything is ready to go. Here are a few things that you'll want to have in your production binder that every crew member should have.

Crew Contact Numbers

It is essential that everyone has the contact numbers for the crew and talent that will be part of the production day. You'll want to be able to easily find a phone number to figure out where someone is when they are running late or to contact them if they go missing during the day. This should be the very first page of the production binder since when you'll need it you will be in a hurry.

List of Vendors

Make a page that has a list of all vendors that are going to be used for your video shoot. This should definitely include the equipment rental house that you used in case there is a problem with any camera, sound, or lighting equipment. It should also include makeup artists, catering, people in charge of the facility you are shooting at, and things of that nature. 

Parking Instructions

If you have a shoot that is in a city, figuring out parking may be a huge hassle for those that have never visited the area before. Make sure to include a list of places where people can park, how much it will cost, and how they can be reimbursed for parking. This will prevent some unneeded stress for crew members and help people park as close to the shoot location as possible

Current Script

You'll also want to have the most current script in the production binder, so don't bother with printing this page until the day of the shoot or the day before. That's because script changes can happen, and you do not want incorrect versions of the script floating out there that are used by the production crew. 

Current Storyboards and Style References

If you have gone so far as to storyboard the video out, make sure to include those too. If you did not make a storyboard, still frames from other videos can be included as style references. This can help the director of photography know how a certain shot is supposed to be framed and ensure you get the look that you want. 

Talk to a video production company for additional help.