Become A Better Photographer And Increase Your Sales

19 April 2019
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In today's economy, more people than ever are choosing to work as freelancers. Freelance work is especially well suited for people in the arts. You can make a great living as a photographer, as long as you provide excellent services and advertise effectively. Here are four ways you can become a better photographer, increase your sales, and make more money:

1. Take a photography class.

If you have a passion for photography, it's likely that you've been taking photographs for many years. It's possible to teach yourself a lot through trial and error. However, a photography class can be an excellent tool for both beginners and professionals alike. For beginners, a photography class will teach you the basics and fill in gaps in your knowledge. For professionals, a class can refresh your memory and remind you of the techniques you haven't used lately.

2. Invest in your equipment.

As a photographer, your equipment makes a big difference in the quality of your work. Cameras can be expensive, but you should invest in at least one quality lens. According to Expert Photography, a 50 mm prime lens is an excellent choice. This lens will create beautiful background blur, known as bokeh, and it can even be used for portrait photography.

If portrait photography is a focus you're interested in, make sure to invest in some quality backgrounds as well. Custom-designed photography backdrops can fit neatly in your studio. They make an excellent background for family and couple photos that can be used on Christmas cards and wedding invitations.

3. Get on social media.

Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients. As a photographer, it's in your best interest to focus on social media platforms that are photo-heavy. Use your best photographs to show off your work and entice prospective customers. Make sure to post regularly to keep your content on the top of people's social media feeds.

4. Specialize in event photography.

If you aren't getting many clients, consider narrowing your focus and specializing in event photography. Weddings and maternity photo shoots are two occasions when people typically set aside a large budget for the services of a photographer. Increase your sales by focusing your customer acquisition efforts toward these events. Remember that good service counts; if people feel you did a good job photographing their wedding, they're more likely to contact you for maternity shoots and family photos in the future.