Four Things To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

27 February 2018
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Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, and it makes sense that you want to have it documented in the form of pictures. Luckily, there are plenty of wedding photographers out there who are happy to capture shots throughout the ceremony and reception. How do you know what photographer is right for you? Here are four qualities to look for during your search.

Specific Wedding Experience

Not every good photographer is a good wedding photographer. There are photographers who are excellent at shooting sporting events or graduations, but who don't do as great of a job at weddings. For this reason, you really want to look for a photographer with specific wedding experience. Browse various photographers' portfolios and look for past weddings they have shot. If you are getting married outside, you want to look for a photographer who has shot a lot of outdoor weddings, and if you're getting married inside, look for a photographer with more indoor experience. The lighting is different outside than inside -- which is why this is so important.

A Friendly Personality

Your photographer will have to interact with your guests and your wedding party throughout the day. So, you really want someone with a friendly and welcoming personality who is going to make guests feel welcome, not intimidated. When you meet with various photographers in person, pay attention to how they make you feel. Look for someone who instantly makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. If they make you feel relaxed, they'll make your guests feel relaxed, too -- and relaxed guests make for better pictures.

Good Access Options

Make sure you ask the photographers how you will go about getting your photos after the wedding. If they give you an access code to see and download the photos from a website, that's the easiest. Some more traditional photographers may still give you a CD or flash drive with the pictures on it. This is okay, but it does make it a bit harder to share the photos with other people.

Flexible Packages

Finally, ask all of the photographers you interview about their pricing scheme. Some wedding photographers have a set rate they charge for weddings. Others charge by the hour. If you have a shorter or simpler wedding, you'll probably be better off hiring someone who charges hourly. If the photographer you like best gives you a high quote, ask if there is a way to reduce their services to make them more affordable. For instance, maybe they could only photograph the first 2 hours of the reception, saving you some cash.