Senior Picture Ideas That Are Anything But Ordinary

23 March 2017
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Senior pictures have come a long way from each and every girl wearing the same type of black dress with their heads tilted to one side or the other, and each boy wearing a shirt, tie, and jacket, and again head tilted to just one side or the other. Senior pictures should show off your young adult's unique style and personality. See below for some ideas to announce your child's senior year and upcoming graduation, while also allowing everyone to see your child's style and personality.

Before And After

Have your senior hold a photo of himself/herself as a child, then have the photographer focus in on the old photo, while also being able to see your senior in the background. It's a great way to show everyone how much your child has grown.

Sports Enthusiast

For the senior that has been involved in sports, showcase these various activities by placing old uniforms, cleats, ballet shoes, and other items on a clothesline along with their letterman's jacket and cap and gown. Have your senior sit in front of the hanging clothesline. You can take this type of photograph anywhere, but a wooded area adds texture, depth, and beauty to the photo.


Take a photo of your adventurous senior walking along train tracks with a vintage suitcase and the year they are graduating written on the bottom of their foot. If you have an old train nearby, have your senior sitting in one of the train cars looking out. Another simple photo would be your senior walking down the center of a back-road, with the background being the road ahead. You can also have the photograph taken with your child's favorite lake, mountain, or prairie as part of the background. Your child can be walking through the lake or river (or standing near it), walking through a prairie of wildflowers, or standing with a beautiful mountain behind them.

Celebration Photo

A celebratory photo makes for a great photo as well. Have your senior wearing their cap and gown and blowing confetti from their hands, or lighting a smoke bomb in their schools colors. A photo with your child tossing their cap into the air is also a good one to have.

Other Ideas

  • Have your child sit or lay down with their graduation year either written in chalk, or with block numbers sitting next to them. Use their cap as the 0 for the year.
  • Your senior can have a chalkboard sign that says "I'm Done" and be dressed in their favorite outfit.
  • Take a photo with your senior's future college name either on a shirt, hat or on a chalkboard sign.
  • Beautiful outdoor photos taken at a beach, park, next to an old brick building, or even in a wooded area are all great ideas as well.

Allow your child's senior photos showcase their own personality. Be sure to get their input for their senior photos, and talk to a photographer at a company like Ultimate Exposures ahead of time about other ideas.