Unique Senior Portrait Ideas

7 October 2015
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Getting senior portraits done in high school is something nearly every student wants to do. If you want to think outside the box and choose a venue or theme that's a bit more unique, then here are some ideas that are perfect for you. 


Puppies add a visual vitality to any picture and can make your portraits look more natural since you will be distracted by the total cuteness on scene. A local breeder may be willing to let you take some shots with a few puppies on their property, or maybe a friend has a few dogs you can borrow for some spontaneous shots. These photos will be the fun and relaxed ones, and are the perfect way to start off your senior portraits.


A lot of students use flowers, haystacks, and even school instruments or uniforms as props in their senior portraits. Isn't graduating from high school a time for celebration? Show off your upcoming achievement by using confetti as a prop. You can scatter confetti around the ground or tabletop, or you can toss handfuls in the air while your photographer gets amazing, moving shots you will love.


If you want a unique background for your photos, you may be thinking of something more interesting than train tracks, a river scene, or even an open field. Why don't you choose a popular wall in town that is covered in graffiti for posing in front of? Graffiti is often colorful and bold, which is exactly what you need to give your senior portraits a punch in originality. Look for graffiti walls or train cars that are brightly decorated but lack offensive signs or language.


If you live in a rainy area, wait for a drizzly day to take your senior portraits. The addition of an umbrella and gloomy lighting will actually make your senior portraits ultra-chic. You can take many of your portraits outdoors, then move inside for some broody coffee shop photos while you warm up again. Imagine—a senior portrait of you in front of a warm fireplace drinking your favorite blend with your rain boots propped next to you on the table.

Your senior portraits are the pictures you will always remember even as you go through other accomplishments in life. Make sure your portraits are really unique by choosing interesting props, themes, and backgrounds for your shots. The results will be lovely photos everyone will love to receive. Contact a local studio, such as Monte Evans Photography, for further assistance.