4 Tips To Help You Look Your Best In Every Picture

25 August 2015
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If you're one of those folks who avoids having your picture taken because you can't stand how you end up looking, you need to know these four tips for looking fantastic in every shot. These little tweaks to your posture and to your pose are simple, but once you see the results you'll find it easy to incorporate them into your normal picture pose.

Ditch the Double Chin

Even if you don't have a double chin normally, you probably spot one in pictures right away. This annoying result happens because when you smile when you're about to have a picture taken, you almost always naturally pull your chin toward your neck. Get rid of that problem by taking a couple of seconds before the shutter clicks to imagine you have a string attached to your nose, gently pulling your face out a little. Your chin will be in a slightly better position.

Avoid Neck Weirdness

If you're still having a little weirdness in the neck area, don't forget the second step involved in ditching that double chin. Lift the end of your chin just slightly right before you pose. You don't want to lift it too high, because then you'll expose your entire neck area. Just lift a tiny bit right after you follow the first tip, and that should put paid to those rumors of any double chin.

Shoulders Up and Back

You've heard from your teachers and your parents for years that your posture is important, but did you know that it can affect how you look in pictures? When you're about to have a picture taken, pretend you're holding something small, like a tennis ball, between your shoulder blades. As you press your shoulder blades back, they'll naturally help to move your shoulders up a tad, giving you a longer, leaner look.

Cheese…Or Something Else Yummy

If you've got a tiny piece of chocolate or something else that you find delicious, pop it into your mouth. Otherwise, imagine you've just had the most decadent bite of something yummy. This helps to relax your entire face and you'll smile naturally with your eyes and your mouth, which gives you a warmer, more authentic look. You don't need a huge piece of chocolate, just a small bit will do.

Now that you know how to look great in any picture, it's time to find an expert in photography to take some great shots for any occasion.