5 Ways To Create Maternity Portraits

27 March 2015
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If you are pregnant and seeking a way to capture the beauty of your pregnancy, so that one day you, and your little one can have something to look back on, then doing a maternity portrait is a good choice for you. Maternity portraits can be taken by yourself or you may choose to involve the father of your child and the entire family. Whatever choice you make, here are some ideas to help make your portrait memorable.

Use Ribbons

Traditionally, blue has been used to represent boys and pink has been used to represent girls. If you know the gender of your baby, tie a ribbon around your belly before taking your picture. Wear a white or black outfit to ensure that your belly and the ribbon stands out. You can also tie the ribbon around your exposed belly if are comfortable with the idea.

Use Booties

Get a pair of pink or blue booties. Lie on your back and place the booties on your belly. Smile into the camera while the picture is being taken to capture a truly unique moment.

Get Dad Involved

Getting the father of your baby involved in your maternity portrait will make your portrait even more unique. You can get dad to stand behind you for a hug that involves placing both his hands on your belly. You can also have dad kneel in front of you and kiss your belly, to get loving family portrait.

Get Other Children In The Family Involved

Show your unborn child how much their arrival was anticipated by getting an older child or children involved in a family portrait. You can have all the children rest their hands gently on your tummy before the picture is taken to create a lovely family portrait.

Pose With Your Purchases

Getting ready for a baby often involves a lot of shopping, posing with cute little items of baby clothing near your belly or posing beside your baby's new crib or play pen is one way to get a memorable portrait. Get dad involve in the picture by having him pose with items of clothing or toys you have purchased as well.

Maternity portraits from places like Weld Photography should be eye catching and memorable, so that you can have a portrait that is unique and special to show your unborn child when they are old enough to understand the joy they have brought into your life.