How To Order The Right Canvas Prints

26 March 2015
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Printing your large photos on canvas is a great way to make them look more professional and stylish. Most people prefer the subtle sheen of canvas compared to the glossy finish of normal paper prints. With a canvas print, you can turn your normal photos into pieces of art to proudly display on your walls. Here are some helpful tips for ordering the right canvas prints:

Rolled Or Stretched Frames

The cheapest way to order a canvas print is to buy it "rolled." A rolled print simply means that the canvas is rolled and shipped to you in a tube, like a poster. There are several advantages to ordering rolled prints. First, it allows you the chance to frame and crop the image as you want. You can actually teach yourself how to frame a canvas print quite easily. All you really need is scissors, a staple gun, and the wooden frame (which you can make on your own or buy in a craft store). Stretching and stapling the canvas onto the frame is easy, but you might need to practice to get the corners perfect.

If you don't want to deal with the headache of stretching your own canvas, you can have it shipped to you already framed. This is the most convenient, but more expensive way. You have to pay for the framing service and the extra cost of shipping. One important thing to consider when ordering a framed canvas is the depth of the frame. Shallow frames obviously have a lower profile so they look slick on your wall. Deeper frames have a more exaggerated profile and they can really catch the eye. However you have to remember that the side of the frame will be wrapped in the image on the canvas. So, you have to think about how this will look on your wall and you have to make sure that the image wraps around the entire frame.

Ordering Online

For some people, the most convenient way to order the prints is through an online printing services. These are affordable and convenient since the product arrives on your doorstep. However, there is often a shortage of options when it comes to the details of your prints. If your concerns are not adequately addressed on the ordering website, you should order from another service or go into a professional printing store for your canvas photo prints.