5 Ways A Photography Backdrop Can Help Your Wedding

17 June 2020
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Every bride and groom wants their wedding to look great in the photos. After all, the pictures will be one of the most long-lasting physical memories from the big day. And one of the best ways to make all the pictures look great is to use the perfect photo backdrop. A professional backdrop can even solve several other wedding day quandaries. Here are five ways to deploy one in your nuptials. Read More 

Want More Than Just Wedding Photos? 3 Extras Worth Considering

24 February 2020
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While planning everything for your wedding, you may already know that you are going to hire a photographer because no ceremony and reception would be complete without one. All you need to do is commit to hiring a professional photographer to get a photo collection for your wedding. If you are interested in more than just receiving the photos that are taken, you should learn more about wedding photographers and the different services you can get from them. Read More 

A Professional Photo Oppotunity That Can Help You Promote Your Business

30 July 2019
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Professional headshots can be used to promote a business website, social media page, or personal portfolio. Since headshots can be pricey, people often don't have themselves photographed unless they truly have a valid reason to do so. If you offer a headshot lounge at your trade show booth, people will be pampered by a team of stylists and photographers and won't need to invest a cent. As an incentive for you, your business name will be advertised during and after each photo session. Read More 

Become A Better Photographer And Increase Your Sales

19 April 2019
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In today's economy, more people than ever are choosing to work as freelancers. Freelance work is especially well suited for people in the arts. You can make a great living as a photographer, as long as you provide excellent services and advertise effectively. Here are four ways you can become a better photographer, increase your sales, and make more money: 1. Take a photography class. If you have a passion for photography, it's likely that you've been taking photographs for many years. Read More 

5 Reasons To Consider Taking Photography Lessons

22 March 2019
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If you enjoy using your camera and taking photos, but want to improve your craft, it may be time to invest in professional photography lessons or workshops. This can be an excellent and fun way to learn new skills and take your photography to the next level. It can be hard to teach yourself photo skills completely on your own. Here are some reasons to consider investing in photography lessons: Read More