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3 Tools To Make On-The-Go Portrait Photography Easier

Portrait photography can be one of the most interactive kinds; you get to work with clients of various ages, explore new areas where photos can be taken, and create unique, specialized images. There are some tools that can make it easier to complete a photo shoot when you’re on site instead of in a studio. Here are three that can help you quickly move, shift, and get the shot.  Quick-Release Tripods: A Must-Have for Outdoor Shoots The first thing you should know is that you’re going to move around often at an on-location photo shoot. If it’s a park, for instance, you might take photos of a couple’s children on playground equipment, near a flower bed, under a tree, or in other locations. The key is to get as many unique and interesting angles and photos as possible, so being able to stabilize your camera on a tripod and also able to use it in your hands is vital. A quick-release tripod has an attachment that screws into the bottom of your camera. This attachment locks into the tripod when in use, and it pops out quickly with a single release latch when you want to take your camera off the tripod. You can find these and similar photography gear at suppliers like Acratech. Portable Umbrellas and Light Reflectors: Use the Power of the Sun  Another important part of outdoor photo shoots is the ability to fill in dark shadows. With portraits, you often want even lighting on the face (unless it’s a moody or dark image that you’re after). To do this outside, you’ll want to have a light... read more

Four Reasons Why You Should Have Your Engagement Pictures Taken At An Old Time Photo Studio

Having engagement photos made is a great way for you and your future husband or wife to show off your unique style and attitude. If you are someone who finds the Wild West to be an interesting and unique time period, consider getting pictures made at a studio that specializes in creating old time photos from that period. The guide below walks you through a few reasons why visiting an old time photo studio for these types of pictures is a better choice than trying to create them on your own. The Studio Will Have Great Scenery When you go to the studio, there will be multiple sceneries set up. They will not only have backdrops, but specialized lighting to make the pictures look like they were taken back during the times of the Wild West. You will get to see pictures taken in front of a few different backdrops to ensure the look you want is created. The Studio Will Have Authentic Props When you are posing for the pictures, the photographer will have props that you can hold or have displayed in the background to make the pictures look as authentic as possible. If you have an issue with guns, even though they will more than likely be play guns, let the photographer know in advance as guns are often used as props in photographs depicting the Wild West. The Studio Will Have Authentic Costumes When you go to the studio, they will have a large assortment of costumes available for you and your future spouse to wear. You can choose to wear casual or more formal... read more

4 Fun Things To Do During Your First Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life, but it can also be an uncomfortable experience. From morning sickness and food aversions to back pain and difficulty sleeping, pregnancy can take it’s toll on a woman. Luckily, there are a lot of fun things that you can enjoy during pregnancy to take your mind off any of the difficult parts. If you are expecting your first child, make sure you do the following things while pregnant: Indulge in a Pre-Natal Massage Most women appreciate a good massage at any time, but they can feel especially great when you’re heavily pregnant and have an aching back. Be selective of the spa you go to or the massage therapist that you hire for your massage–it is a good idea to ensure that the person giving you a massage has advanced training in massage for pregnant women and also has the proper table to help support a pregnant woman’s body during the massage. Go on a Babymoon A babymoon is an increasingly popular trend for couples–it is basically a fun vacation during pregnancy for the parent-to-be to enjoy before their bundle of joy arrives. You can take a babymoon at any point in your pregnancy, but many women like to schedule their trip during the second trimester when morning sickness is behind them and they have a little more energy. Keep a Journal You may think that you will remember ever single detail of your first pregnancy for the rest of your life, but memories can fade and your life will become a lot busier after your sweet baby arrives. If... read more

Wedding Photography: 3 Ways To Turn Your Photos Into Fun Concepts

While there are plenty of traditional wedding photos that you’ll want to get, such as a still-life of the dress, bouquet tossing and walking down the aisle, you probably also want to have some photos that are fun and reflect your personality (and your groom’s). If this is the case, and your creativity just doesn’t seem to be sparking, here are a few ideas to help you get the wheels in your imagination turning: 1. Kidnapping the Groom If you’re looking for a fun keepsake photo, consider kidnapping the groom. There are a couple of different ways you can go about this. You can have your mom and bridesmaid doing the dirty work for you, or you could only enlist the help of your bridal party. Whatever the case, make sure you have the trunk of the limo or a car open. You will stand off to the side with your finger pointing at what the girls should do, which is to put the groom in the trunk. Let some girls get the head and hands and the other girls get the feet and legs to throw him in the trunk. The wedding photographer can capture snapshots of the entire process. 2. Don’t EVER Make Me Mad Most grooms know that they should never anger their bride, but do the groomsmen know? If not, it’s time to show them — and while you’re at it, you might as well show the groom a thing or two as well. The groomsmen should be all lined up, with their jackets off. You should be in front of them in your wedding... read more

Leaders And Managers: 3 Great Reasons To Stop Sending Memos And Start Presenting Slideshows

Are you a leader or manager at your workplace? Does your job description entail relaying important, business-related information to your subordinates? If so, here are 3 very good reasons why you should stop sending out memos and start presenting slideshows instead. Visual Learners Are The Majority People understand information best when it is presented to them in their own learning style. There are 4 different learning styles (visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic), and more people fall into the visual learning group than any other type. How many people are visual learners? About 65% of the population are. This means that if you’re expecting your team to learn material and sending that material out as memos, the majority of your team isn’t going to digest the information provided at optimal efficiency. Slideshows address this problem perfectly. When presenting a slideshow, you can use a combination of words, sounds, and images to target several different learning styles at once. Attention Spans Are Dwindling New research shows that the average human’s attention span has dwindled down to an 8 second time-span. Before your team members even get past the introductory paragraphs in your memos, their minds have moved onto other things.  If you want your team members to have any interest in information you’re presenting to them, you’ve got to break it down into smaller chunks to prevent boredom. When you use a slideshow to relay information to your team, every new slide brings a refreshing change that holds your team members’ attention a little longer.  Images Are Easier To Remember It’s not enough for your team to learn the information you... read more

Unique Senior Portrait Ideas

Getting senior portraits done in high school is something nearly every student wants to do. If you want to think outside the box and choose a venue or theme that’s a bit more unique, then here are some ideas that are perfect for you.  Puppies Puppies add a visual vitality to any picture and can make your portraits look more natural since you will be distracted by the total cuteness on scene. A local breeder may be willing to let you take some shots with a few puppies on their property, or maybe a friend has a few dogs you can borrow for some spontaneous shots. These photos will be the fun and relaxed ones, and are the perfect way to start off your senior portraits. Confetti  A lot of students use flowers, haystacks, and even school instruments or uniforms as props in their senior portraits. Isn’t graduating from high school a time for celebration? Show off your upcoming achievement by using confetti as a prop. You can scatter confetti around the ground or tabletop, or you can toss handfuls in the air while your photographer gets amazing, moving shots you will love. Graffiti If you want a unique background for your photos, you may be thinking of something more interesting than train tracks, a river scene, or even an open field. Why don’t you choose a popular wall in town that is covered in graffiti for posing in front of? Graffiti is often colorful and bold, which is exactly what you need to give your senior portraits a punch in originality. Look for graffiti walls or train cars... read more

4 Tips To Help You Look Your Best In Every Picture

If you’re one of those folks who avoids having your picture taken because you can’t stand how you end up looking, you need to know these four tips for looking fantastic in every shot. These little tweaks to your posture and to your pose are simple, but once you see the results you’ll find it easy to incorporate them into your normal picture pose. Ditch the Double Chin Even if you don’t have a double chin normally, you probably spot one in pictures right away. This annoying result happens because when you smile when you’re about to have a picture taken, you almost always naturally pull your chin toward your neck. Get rid of that problem by taking a couple of seconds before the shutter clicks to imagine you have a string attached to your nose, gently pulling your face out a little. Your chin will be in a slightly better position. Avoid Neck Weirdness If you’re still having a little weirdness in the neck area, don’t forget the second step involved in ditching that double chin. Lift the end of your chin just slightly right before you pose. You don’t want to lift it too high, because then you’ll expose your entire neck area. Just lift a tiny bit right after you follow the first tip, and that should put paid to those rumors of any double chin. Shoulders Up and Back You’ve heard from your teachers and your parents for years that your posture is important, but did you know that it can affect how you look in pictures? When you’re about to have a picture taken,... read more

5 Ways To Create Maternity Portraits

If you are pregnant and seeking a way to capture the beauty of your pregnancy, so that one day you, and your little one can have something to look back on, then doing a maternity portrait is a good choice for you. Maternity portraits can be taken by yourself or you may choose to involve the father of your child and the entire family. Whatever choice you make, here are some ideas to help make your portrait memorable. Use Ribbons Traditionally, blue has been used to represent boys and pink has been used to represent girls. If you know the gender of your baby, tie a ribbon around your belly before taking your picture. Wear a white or black outfit to ensure that your belly and the ribbon stands out. You can also tie the ribbon around your exposed belly if are comfortable with the idea. Use Booties Get a pair of pink or blue booties. Lie on your back and place the booties on your belly. Smile into the camera while the picture is being taken to capture a truly unique moment. Get Dad Involved Getting the father of your baby involved in your maternity portrait will make your portrait even more unique. You can get dad to stand behind you for a hug that involves placing both his hands on your belly. You can also have dad kneel in front of you and kiss your belly, to get loving family portrait. Get Other Children In The Family Involved Show your unborn child how much their arrival was anticipated by getting an older child or children involved in... read more

How To Order The Right Canvas Prints

Printing your large photos on canvas is a great way to make them look more professional and stylish. Most people prefer the subtle sheen of canvas compared to the glossy finish of normal paper prints. With a canvas print, you can turn your normal photos into pieces of art to proudly display on your walls. Here are some helpful tips for ordering the right canvas prints: Rolled Or Stretched Frames The cheapest way to order a canvas print is to buy it “rolled.” A rolled print simply means that the canvas is rolled and shipped to you in a tube, like a poster. There are several advantages to ordering rolled prints. First, it allows you the chance to frame and crop the image as you want. You can actually teach yourself how to frame a canvas print quite easily. All you really need is scissors, a staple gun, and the wooden frame (which you can make on your own or buy in a craft store). Stretching and stapling the canvas onto the frame is easy, but you might need to practice to get the corners perfect. If you don’t want to deal with the headache of stretching your own canvas, you can have it shipped to you already framed. This is the most convenient, but more expensive way. You have to pay for the framing service and the extra cost of shipping. One important thing to consider when ordering a framed canvas is the depth of the frame. Shallow frames obviously have a lower profile so they look slick on your wall. Deeper frames have a more exaggerated profile and... read more

Why You Should Provide A Photographer For Professional Headshots At Your Next Conference

Providing portraits for your employees is quick and easy There are many reasons why hiring a photographer for your next conference is a smart choice for boosting employee morale and improving your meeting time. Whether you work in a field that relies heavily on appearance (such as real estate or the film industry) or just want your employees to have portraits for your company website, providing a professional photographer at your next business conference is easy and affordable. Most photographers either charge by the hour, by the day, or by the half day. Have your employees ready to have their photos taken and let them know what to expect. The time for each employee to have their picture taken should go relatively quick, since the lighting and location will remain the same throughout the entire photography session. Depending on the size of your company and how many people attend the conference, it may only take an hour to get everyone in and out, or each employee will have to step out for ten minutes and then return to the conference. Have the photographer come early and set up prior to the conference. There is plenty of room in most conference rooms and places like Chez Shari to comfortably accommodate professional portrait lights, a background, and the photographer. Why you should hire a photographer for your business’ next conference Your employees will appear to be a cohesive unit If your employees use head shots on their business cards or on your business’ website, having identical lighting and background color will help your business look more professional. This also eliminates the... read more

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